Pastor’s Report

Pastors Brandon and Joy

Joy and read through the Bible each year, and one thing I’ve noticed is the leadership transitions from one leader to another:

  • How could Israel find a more effective, more revered leader than Moses? Yet, we have the story of Joshua who marched the children of Israel into the Promised Land.
  • Could there be any more loved, popular king than David? Enter the wisdom, splendor, wealth and peace of Solomon.
  • Elijah was the most incredible prophet in Israel- what would they do without him? Along comes the ‘rockstar’ prophet Elisha behind him, performing twice as many miracles as his mentor Elijah.
  • How about Jesus? How could we find anyone more effective? Yet somehow through the power of the Holy Spirit working through frail humanity we see the explosion of the Gospel around the globe.

Let me circle back to this in a second.

Our vision for 2018 was Pathways to Purpose. We believe the Lord’s heart was to help Rhapsody strengthen its discipleship flow– helping people move from ‘point A to point B’ on their journey with Jesus and with the community of Rhapsody.

We wanted to answer three key questions:

Who are you? How has God wired you? What are your giftings? How do you relate to people?

Who are we? Who is Rhapsody Church? Our story, our makeup, our mission, vision and values?

Who are we together? What does it mean to partner together?

We had about 65 people go through our inaugural Pathways to Purpose journey over three consecutive Sunday evenings. Each gathering lasted about 90 minutes and included childcare and dinner. We debriefed Pathways as a team and asked participants to give us feedback via questionnaire (details below).

With God’s help we’re creating something that will serve Rhapsody and the Kingdom for years to come!

Some Highlights from 2018…

Retooling- Pathways to Purpose: We knew we had some re-tooling to do with Pathways after our team debrief and feedback results. Luke Gillock and Brian Mar have co-led a ‘re-tooling’ team which includes some awesome leaders- Janette McCormick, Apryl Mar and Jeff MacLardy. This team has worked diligently and still has some work to do, but a few beautiful things have emerged- a coalescing of all of our ‘discipleship flow’ tools (Pathways to Purpose, Life Groups and Rooted) into one concept: Rhapsody Discover Journey. Also, the team revamped our old Rhapsody 411 gathering for newcomers into what is now called Starting Point. For all my kindred visual learners, take a look at this graphic…

Application: We want to help you connect and develop in your walk with Jesus and His church. But, not just you, but your family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones too. Rhapsody now has a clear initial step and next step for you, your family and friends.

New! Pastor Joy: Joy Berg became licensed with Discover Church Planting and was recognized in a service in August. As co-founder of Rhapsody Church she has always done an incredible job Shepherding people, and it was exciting to see this dream realized.

Sanctuary flip: We revamped our entire worship experience by ‘flipping’ our orientation in the worship center (auditorium) from portrait to landscape. We added bleacher seating, opened up space near the galley for hospitality, added additional monitors to serve all viewing angles, purchased all new chairs for more comfortable seating, and added blinds to all windows for light control. Huge thanks to Pastor Caleb for all his work in this project!

Introduction of our Shepherd team: We cast vision for our Shepherd team in January 2017 and finally announced them in January 2018. These incredible leaders are: Luke Gillock, Jacob Camargo, Roger Button, Brian Mar, Pastor Caleb, Pastor Matt, and Pastor Joy. The team has gelled quickly and has worked inexhaustibly through our pastoral transition (see details below). What is the purpose of a Rhapsody Shepherd? Yes, they oversee ‘big picture’ policy and overall governance of the church, but their main purpose is what their name suggests- lead, guide and care for the spiritual well-being of this beautiful community called Rhapsody Church. I’ve had the privilege of leading and watching this team in action and I’m blown away by their calling, commitment, wisdom and skill. Rhapsody is truly blessed to be led by such a great team!

Rooted pilot: Our pastoral team was introduced to Rooted in March of 2017 and decided to conduct a pilot in the spring of 2018 to see if Rooted might be a fit for Rhapsody. We had 16 Rhapsody leaders representing all of our major teams (Shepherds, Leadership Team and Financial Advisory Team). Luke Gillock led our pilot and the results were amazing and resulted in a unanimous sentiment Rhapsody needed to move forward with Rooted.

Rooted- 1st inexhaustibly semester: Pastor Joy became our diligently Rooted Director in August and lead our first semester. She worked tirelessly to develop our budget, recruit group facilitators, communicate with Kessid Church, manage sign ups, and weekly communication to group leaders. Huge thanks to Apryl Mar for our custom Rooted graphics, and to our group leaders- Pastor Caleb and Jess, Jacob and Naomi Camargo, and Ed and Sandy Byerly! (See Rooted report below).

New! Mobile Team Director: Welcome Mark Dahl! He took over for Joe Ryder (moved to Texas) toward the end of Spring. Mark is an incredible team player, a doer, a fixer, and possesses a high responsibility ethic to ‘get the job done.’ A huge thanks to Pastor Caleb for overseeing this transition which has been ‘bumpy’ due to Mark’s work with the railroad (see report below).

New! Youth Director: Welcome aboard Daniel Gillock! Daniel has been working with Pastor Matt in Ground Zero for the past 1.5 years+ and has developed strong relationships with our students. Daniel is a science teacher at Kingsway Christian School, a middle school football coach, personal trainer and lover of Jesus! (see Generations and Ground Zero report below).

Back-to-School (BTS) backpack outreach: Jess Hardy helped us re-imagine our approach to the Back to School Outreach this year; instead of inviting the community to an event in the YMCA parking lot, we decided to take backpacks to our neighbors at Springbrook and the YMCA (our original demographic when we launched BTS in 2012). It was a massive success in large part because of YOUR generosity Rhapsody Church! Special thanks to Janette McCormick who helped with planning. Here are some numbers…

  • Goal: 150 backpacks
  • Springbrook: 19 backpacks in 2017; 68 backpacks in 2018!
  • YMCA: 30 backpacks in 2017; 67 backpacks in 2018!
  • 8 to Freedom House
  • 3 to Vida’s Ark
  • Total: 146 backpacks plus 170 supply bags

Partnership with the YMCA: Wow! Our partnership with the YMCA is as strong as ever! A huge thanks to Amy Bambilla who serves as Rhapsody’s coordinator for all serve events between Rhapsody and the YMCA. Here is a snapshot of our partnership this year:

  • Healthy Kids Day: 200 from the community attended and 20 Rhapsody volunteers served their community at the event
  • Summer Feeding program: 1000 people fed and 20 Rhapsody volunteers served their community at the event
  • Harvest Party: 1,300 people from the community attended and 33 Rhapsody volunteers served
  • Breakfast with Santa: 300 from the community attended and 15 Rhapsody volunteers served
  • YMCA/Rhapsody celebration: The YMCA hosted a lunch this month to celebrate 2018 and thank volunteers. Rhapsody Church was a central part of their presentation and thanks. Way to go Rhapsody Church!

Prayer: I speak now as a husband. I’m proud of my wife, Joy, for faithfully praying for Rhapsody from day one. For years she has met with a small group of people in the Community Room at the YMCA prior to service to pray. I remember many Sundays she was the only one praying. She fought through discouragement and continued to pray. Last year she re-imagined this prayer group, added a book study and the group immediately grew! What an incredible Life Group of study and prayer on Sunday mornings. Thank you Joy.

Another leadership transition in the Kingdom of God…

As many of you know, Joy and I will be moving to Eugene, OR to become the Discipleship and Community Life Pastors at New Hope Eugene. This transition came ‘out of the blue’ for us as the Spirit began to speak to our hearts in September. The final word from the Lord came with a beautiful promise and a tough word- “Brandon, Rhapsody is going to grow and reach her full potential in my Kingdom, it’s just not going to be under your leadership.”

Somewhere in God’s economy our leadership does not fit the next stages of maturity for Rhapsody. Tough pill to swallow? Yes. We want to be part of all the incredible things going on at Rhapsody! Yet, we trust Him and we hold on to the promise- “…Rhapsody is going to grow and reach her full potential in my Kingdom.”

We love you Rhapsody and we’re going to miss you. Joy and I have given you everything we could give. Thank you Jesus for birthing in our hearts the dream of a beautiful community called Rhapsody Church- God’s beautiful ‘poiema’, His story, His poem, the song He is writing (Ephesians 2:10).

And now, a new day! It is with great honor and excitement that Joy and I welcome Pastor Matt and Sara Chapirson as the new lead Pastors of Rhapsody Church. They are uniquely gifted and fitted, at this exact time, to lead Rhapsody into her future. Remember the leadership transitions mentioned above? We celebrate their calling and leadership with you Rhapsody!

To the Shepherds– Luke Gillock, Brian Mar, Roger Button, Jacob Camargo, Pastor Caleb and Pastor Matt: Thank you. Your leadership through this transition has been stellar. Rhapsody is in some of the wisest, caring, sacrificial hands a church could be in. We love you.

To the Financial Advisory Team– Cathy Snyder, Naomi Camargo, Jordan Wirkkala, and Mark Dahl: Rhapsody had arguably its best year financially in large part due to your faithful, wise, steady leadership. Thank you for the critically important work you do on behalf of Rhapsody with our finances. Some say Jesus taught about money as much or more than anything else- you honor his heart well. We love you.

To the Leadership Team– Apryl Mar, Jesse Kennedy, Dani Kennedy, Alex Young, Myhriah Young, Sara Chapirson, Pastor Matt, Pastor Caleb, Jess Hardy, Mark Dahl, Daniel Gillock, Ed Byerly, and Sandy Byerly: You are some of the most beautiful people we’ve ever met. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves at the thought the Lord would allow us to work such incredible leaders in the Kingdom. Thank you for the wonderfully messy work you do leading your teams. And, thank you for loving, encouraging and praying Joy and me. We love you.

Enjoy the reports below of God’s faithfulness, your dessert and celebration tonight, and the incredible year ahead!

With deep love, tears, and hope for the future,

Pastor Brandon and Joy

Music, Sound, and Technology

Pastor Caleb and Jess

Thank you to Matt Chapirson, Jesse Kennedy, Ryan Terry, Drew Berg, Danial Numbers, RJ Breamer, Anthony Foster, Amber Kennedy for bravely journeying with us musically this year.

To our sound people- Laurel Numbers, Steve Stumbaugh, Josh Brown, RJ Breamer, Seth Perkins, Drew Berg and Joe Ryder- we value what you added to our team. Thank you.

To those who helped with media and lights- Brian Mar, Jackie Groth, Seth Perkins, Shuey Bambilla, Bailey McCormick, Joe Ryder, David Kennedy and Dale Kennedy- thank you for valuing excellence in presentation. You are superstars.

There were some hurdles this year that our team ran through with resilience and grace. When Joe Ryder left, there were so many needs that popped up and people stood up to fill them. As much of the pressure of the worship and mobile teams landed on Caleb’s shoulders, our team was gracious with us, often helping on Saturday nights and being the last to leave on Sundays to help shoulder that burden.

This year was also full of development. As Kids Unwrapped Sundays turned into Generations Sundays we had some awesome additions to our team: Shuey Bambilla, Eli Chapirson, Tabitha Gillock, Daniel Hardy, Haven Hardy, and Grace Hardy all contributed to make worship on those days extra special.

Other musicians have been developing this year- bravely stepping forward to improve and contribute to the team. In particular, Drew Berg, Amber Terry, and Mattea Bittner are exciting additions with so much potential.

Caleb, in particular, was at the tip of the spear for the worship center orientation flip in early 2018.  This was a huge project with many significant challenges, but has been a tremendous success. Our teams have been able to implement various updates and strategic improvements to sound, lighting, video, and aesthetics (including the blinds).

2018 saw opportunities for community as well. We facilitated two worship-team-building events: one opportunity fostered spiritual discussion and a weekend together, and another involved dinner as a team and the opportunity to develop friendships. God continued to use the Living Room as a place for Rhapsody Church to seek Him and it ran through mid-2018.

We trust that 2019 will be wild and full of Jesus. We are confident in Him and His moving. We love you, Rhapsody Church. It is an honor to serve you.

Generations Report

Pastor Matt

2018 was a year of great transition and God did some beautiful things within the Generations ministries. The biggest shift was transforming KU Sundays into Generations Sundays. The main reason for this change was to highlight and promote every age group of the next generation at Rhapsody. In this we watched as Rhapsody really began to own the next generation. Our battle cry was simple: We believe in the next generation and we want to see them walk into their God given destiny. As you will see in the following reports from each of the Generations departments, children, students and young adults began to take ownership, step up and take the lead in many exciting ways.

One very big personal transition was handing Rhapsody’s Ground Zero Student Ministry over to Daniel Gillock. Throughout 2018 we watched as God slowly raised Daniel up as our Youth Director. It was beautiful to be part of this journey and to be a part of such a smooth transition. I am personally excited to see the next phase of Ground Zero under Daniel’s leadership. Daniel has a passion for young people that is rare and he truly believes that this next generation will change the world. And to that I say, in the words of Daniel himself, LET’S GO!

Our hope and prayer for the Generations department as we move into 2019 is that the young people of Rhapsody feel heard, supported and encouraged to be all that God has called them to be. Our desire is to continue to empower them and listen to them as they find their unique place in the story God is telling at Rhapsody, in Clark County and to the ends of the Earth.

Kids Unwrapped

Myhriah Young

This year most of our changes came in the way of streamlining; we got rid of things that weren’t working and focused on improving what we do well. We have an excellent team, who is fantastic at filling in where they are needed and loving the kids we serve.

This Christmas we experimented with having a fun “Gift Station,” so that kids could get gifts for family and friends; it was a neat way for kids to exhibit their generosity.   Arlene Williams has been an excellent leader taking on our Prize Station she has really organized it and made it better.

Because of the curriculum this year, we have seen many kids grow in their spiritual walk; kids getting baptized, overcoming fear, and inviting friends/family to join them at church.  We have worked harder this year to be as true to the activities provided in the curriculum, which has enriched our classroom experience greatly!

We will continue strive to partner with parents as they guide their kids on the journey.

We have many different levels of cooperation.  If you have a love for kids and feel that you might want to invest in the future generation, please let me know ( We would love it if you would like to join our team!

Ground Zero

Daniel Gillock

2018 saw some exciting changes in Ground Zero. The first and most apparent was the change in leadership within GZ. Matt has been an inspirational leader and has affected the lives of countless individuals. One of those lives was my own. Early in 2017, I heard the call from the Holy Spirit to pursue youth ministry. I approached Matt with this call and we began to work together to prepare me for the ministry. Little did we know that the Lord would lead me to become the Youth Director here at Rhapsody. I could never thank Matt enough for empowering me and mentoring me throughout this transition process.

Another highlight of the year, was our opportunity to take the students to the Ignite Youth Conference down in Southern California. It was amazing to see how the Lord knit together the hearts of many of our students. Not only did we have an incredible time, but I believe the Lord was able to lay the foundation for 2019.

Our Vision for 2018 was, “For the One.” The inspiration for this can be found in Luke 15. Here we see Jesus tell three similar parables that all have the same message. They tell us of our Heavenly Father’s relentless pursuit of us and how we should in turn pursue people who are lost and far from Jesus. We were able to experience the power of that battle cry firsthand as many students commited or committed their life to Christ.

Of course none of these events would be possible if it weren’t for the amazing team around us. I want to personally thank all of them for their support throughout the transition. Thank you Dani for always being there. Your love and compassion brings warmth and make all feel welcome. Thank you Jesse for your relentless service. Your have a servant’s heart and it seems like you always ask, “How can I help?” Your service means more than you could ever know. Thank you Scott for caring for the student who may be forgotten. You have a heart to bring people together and it makes a difference. Thank you Mike for your quiet leadership. You lead by example in your service and kindness. Thank you Ashlee for your bold passion. It is evident that you care deeply for these students. Thank you also to Matt, Caleb, and Ryan for facilitating an atmosphere of worship. Lastly, thank you Kayla. Though you are not there, you are also one who sacrifices and serves. Your support and love of me brings tears to my eyes. You are and will always be My Adventure Buddy.

2019 is going to be a eternity-altering year. Our vision for this year is, “Together as One.” When Jesus prayed for his future disciples before he died, he prayed for their unity first. Before they were to go and spread the Good News, Jesus prayed that they might be one. We will pursue unity in 2019. Unity is powerful. By developing our unity, we create a foundation together and from that foundation we will go out to change the world. I am excited to see where the Spirit leads us as we continue forward. If Ground Zero is something you want to be a part of and you believe in the next generation, feel free to contact me. I would love for you to partner with us in this vision.


Joshua 24:15

Young Adults

Jesse and Dani Kennedy

2018 was our first full year of gathering as Rhapsody’s Young Adults. We spent the better part of the year getting to know each other by asking questions, telling stories, and enjoying meals together. Another way our young adults connect is by praying for one another and walking through both the good and not so good times together. We are so proud of them and the ways they have grown this last year. It has been hard to say goodbye to several of our college students, but when they return to visit, it’s so great to see them jump back in as if they never left.

In 2019 we are excited that our young adults will be taking ownership of this group and their faith. This year they have decided that each of them are going to take turns bringing a topic, devotion, scripture, or prayer to share, discuss, and pull apart. At this time in their lives, community and conversation are very important.

We are so grateful for and would like to thank Pastor Brandon for asking us to lead this group, Pastor Matt for standing with us and supporting us as the Generations Pastor, and we also want to thank each of our young adults!


Ed and Sandy Byerly

The LIFEgroup ministry has meant a lot to Sandy and I.  LIFEgroup members came alongside us during family crisis, loved us, and ministered to our needs.  The love given when we were down and out is an embodiment of the heart of Rhapsody Church. We fell in love with our LIFEgroup brothers and sisters and developed lasting relationships both personally and in ministry.  Sandy and I have served as Rhapsody Church LIFEgroup directors for nearly two and a half years and are now seeing LIFEgroup participants bloom into passionate Christ followers.

2018 was a challenging, yet exciting year for LIFEgroups.  LIFEgroups were instrumental in hosting two Conquer Workshops and a HeartChange Heart Design Workshop at the Hub in 2018.  The Hub calendar filled up as demand increased. So far that demand has been accommodated and we look forward to some great new events there in 2019.

Another highlight in 2018 was the creation of the ARMOR LIFEgroup which is instrumental in promoting a real understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit in men’s lives as Christ follower.  We experienced phenomenal growth through the Apostle Paul’s encouragement of the “renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:22).

LIFEgroup leaders and members were instrumental in serving others on many occasions in 2018 by providing meals and funds in times of need.  There were behind-the-scenes instances when members helped each other in various ways and joined together in ministry to the needy and homeless.  All these outward expressions of God’s love are simply outgrowths of the relationship and openness of LIFEgroup members that results in Spiritual growth and a desire to love others.

A new “Eastside LIFEgroup” began in 2018 hosted and led by Jeff and Molly MacLardy in the Camas/Washougal area.

The Scheele ”Walk Through the Bible” LIFEgroup resumed meeting after taking a necessary break in 2017.

LIFEgroups and special event groups which met in 2018 include (in no particular order)…

Journal LIFEgroup – Brandon Berg
ARMOR – Ed Byerly
Ladies Night Out – Sandy Byerly
Spokes at the Hub – Ed and Sandy Byerly / Amy and Roland Bambilla

Walk Through the Bible – Linda and Robert Scheele

Eastside LIFEgroup – Molly and Jeff MacLardy

Creative Arts LIFEgroup – Joy Berg
Sunday morning book and prayer LIFEgroup – Joy Berg
HeartChange “Heart Design” workshop – Ian McIntosh
Conquer Workshops – Ed Byerly
Boundaries – Diane Reid

Intimate Issues book study- Joy Berg and Myhriah Young

We appreciate the dedication and commitment of our LIFEgroup leaders and co-leaders: Robert and Linda Scheele, Jeff and Molly MacLardy, Joy Berg, Brandon Berg, Roland and Amy Bambilla, Diane Reid, and Ed and Sandy Byerly.

What’s Ahead? LIFEgroups is in the process of a rebranding, which will include an administrative component to facilitate group leader support. Also planned is a coordinated inter-group aspect that will periodically emphasize and mirror the “Seven Rhythms” we studied in the ROOTED series including “Serve the Community,” “Prayer,” and “Celebration.”

ARMOR will evolve into a primary LIFEgroup for men with Conquer Workshops continuing periodically under the ARMOR moniker.

2019 is on track to be the best year yet for LIFEgroups!


Ed and Sandy Byerly


Pastor Joy

Our Rooted journey began this last summer with a pilot group which we invited our leadership team to be a part of.  From the beginning, we quickly sensed the power of what Rooted would bring to the body of Rhapsody Church and were excited to launch as soon as possible.

Our first semester of Rooted in September was an incredible success. We had three amazing facilitator teams: Caleb and Jess Hardy, Jacob and Naomi Camargo and Ed and Sandy Byerly. There was a total of 38 participants that committed to journey together for 9 weeks.

All of our Rooted groups forged relationships, grew in their understanding of what it means to be a Christ follower, and all hearts were transformed to look more like Jesus.

We look forward to our next semester of Rooted beginning this Spring! Sign-up on the Rhapsody App.

First Impressions

Sara Chapirson

2018 was a fantastic year for the First Impressions team. I am so thankful for all of our amazing volunteer team members who greet guests, usher, and make every person feel comfortable and welcome at Rhapsody Church. The heart of this team is to truly welcome guests and to let them see and feel invited and wanted.

In 2018 we continued and improved what we started in 2017. Our greeters do a great job in the front lobby. The lobby has continued to become comfortable and welcoming. It has been a great place to watch the service, and also to talk and catch up with friends. One of my favorite things this year is how much prayer and ministry I have seen happen in the lobby! The setting there has naturally and organically invited people to talk, share, and pray over each other. It’s been fantastic!

Another huge thing I have seen is the large amount of Bibles and First Time Visitor gifts we have handed out! We have seen many guests, and a lot of them have continued to come. Again, our greeters have done a great job of seeing guests, and engaging in just the right way with each of them. We have given out more Bibles and Life Journals than ever this year! This is awesome! Thank you, Rhapsody, for your generosity and making it possible to provide those!

Communication Arts

Apryl Mar

The Communication Arts Team continues, with growing passion, to understand, communicate, and intentionally engage the community around us. We ask, “What are the struggles? What are our values?” AND most of all, “In what ways can our heart, (Rhapsody’s heart), be known?” We are ALL on a journey TOGETHER.

OUR HOPE:  That our community know Rhapsody Church is here and a part of THEIR community. We want people to know that we care and that there is a place that exists in their world where there is grace, peace, hope, and a love they have not know before.

OUR PRAYER: “God, WHO have you made Rhapsody to be? What is it to not only meet people where they are, but to PURSUE our community with PURPOSE?” 

OUR FOCUS:  To do this we prayerfully ask questions about what we as a church do and how these things translate to young families in Clark County. This involves all things seen, read, and heard. Also, we analyze different platforms of communication, from our Sunday experience to our website and app. Our goal is to positively interact with the different paths people take to connect with Rhapsody Church.

We have our work cut out for us, and yet even greater is our faith and excitement to move forward. It is an honor to be a part of Rhapsody’s future and build into our community. 

THOUGHTS:  On a personal note, I am curious, excited, and grateful to see what God will do in 2019! God, You are so very big. Amen.

Service Management

Alex Young

Service Management had a good 2018. Currently the service management team consist of 4 people: Dani Kennedy, Steve Oglesby, Daniel Gillock and myself. Each one of us has strengths in different areas and we use those strengths to keep service running.

The service manager is responsible on Sunday mornings for making sure the service runs smoothly. This position was created to lift the weight from pastoral staff’s shoulders and allow them to focus on Sunday mornings. Currently we work to execute the vision of the service. This is everything from making sure the other teams have the resources they need, to timing of videos or effects for the sermon. I know that this may sound like a lot of work, and don’t get me wrong, there is work involved, however working with the pastoral staff, the other leaders and volunteers is an amazing feeling.

My vision for the service management position is to move into consistency and streamlining. We do so many things wonderfully. Now I’d like to make those things second nature and free up our energies for the nuances of each service.

We are always looking for new team members, so if you are interested in service management or have questions about service management please let me know-

Mobile and Breakfast Teams

Mark Dahl/Caleb Hardy

Andy Love/Seth Perkins

Our mobile team has undergone a lot of transition in 2018.  As many of you know, Joe Ryder and the Ryder family moved to Texas this summer, which made finding a new leader urgent.  Joe did a great job and we continue to miss the Ryder family dearly!

After a season of prayer and searching, Mark Dahl emerged as our next mobile team director.  Mark is a very hardworking, visionary leader. I often joke and say, “Mark’s vision for mobile team is so awesome, I want to join his team!” Mark not only has a passion for the heavy-lifting required for Rhapsody to function, he also has an even greater heart to see ministry happening in and through the mobile team!  Unfortunately, after a couple months of very promising ground-work, Mark’s job schedule completely changed which meant he reluctantly had to step away as our mobile team director.

Moving forward, there is a slight chance Mark’s job schedule may shift again freeing him up to step back into a leadership role with our mobile team, but in the aftermath of his departure, and as we wait to see what’s next, many folks have stepped up and worked extra hard to help.

I’d like to personally thank all the different leadership team members who have been extra flexible during this season specifically- Myhriah Young with KU, Sara Chapirson with First Impressions, and our service managers: Alex Young, Daniel Gillock, Steve Oglesby, and Dani Kennedy. All have been extra accommodating and helpful in Mark’s absence and the unknown of the current season.

A few others have gone way above and beyond: David Kennedy, Eli Mar, Mike Flory, Kyle Simera, Vicky Higgins, Eric Franklin, Jesse Kennedy, Brian Mar, Daniel Gillock and Dan Numbers. You all have done so much to help! Thank you.

Many others have thrown in as well during this season: Jennifer Foster, Jonna Donais, Jay Foster, Anthony Foster, Pastor Matt, Ryan Terry, Drew Berg, Pastor Brandon, Kayla Gillock, Eli Chapirson, Daniel Hardy, Macayla Mesanos, Bailey McCormick, Shuey Bambilla, Caleb Gillock, Arlene Williams, Dale Kennedy, Jacob Camargo, Luke Gillock, Seth Perkins, Molly Oglesby, and Jackie Groth. If I didn’t mention your name and you helped, thank you! It takes EVERYONE working together to make the Rhapsody worship service experience what it is.

I’d also like to highlight and say THANK YOU to our breakfast team!  Seth Perkins leads and coordinates our weekly pre-service breakfast which feeds everyone who shows up early to set up for Sunday morning services.  Seth recently took over for Andy Love who did a fantastic job leading for a season, and still serves on this wonderful team. I’d also like to thank Johanna Richart and Demi Day for serving as well.  All who have had breakfast prepared by this team of wonderful people know the grub is AMAZING!

If you would like to help with Mobile or Breakfast Team contact

Shepherd Team

Pastors Brandon and Joy/Luke Gillock/Brian Mar

Jacob Camargo/Roger Button/Pastor Caleb/Pastor Matt

This Team was formed late 2017 with the purpose to, “Work in concert with the Lead Pastor to uphold the Lead Pastor’s vision and mission for the Church” (Rhapsody Bylaws, Article 5, Section 1, Item B, #2).

We met once a month up until Late October, which was 9 meetings. The Lord so faithfully laid the groundwork for us to build relationship where we grew together as a team, ratified the bylaws, established the prayer table, and moved into a pastoral transition. We then wrapped up the year with an additional 14 meetings in the last three months. This was largely due to the pastoral transition and each members’ commitment to the health of Rhapsody Church.

The Shepherd team currently consists of:

Luke Gillock, who in his wit and insight leads the pack as our Chairman. He was given a ceremonious Thor hammer to bring our meetings to order and has never abused his authority.

Brian Mar, who, in his quiet and calculated demeanor, calmly directs our meetings to stay on agenda. We are but pawns in his grand scheme.

Roger Button, who was struck by lightning as a kid. This electricity still runs through his blood as a potential theological discussion arises.

Jacob Camargo, who shows up to eat burritos.

Pastor Matt Chapirson, who offers efficient solutions and an infectious laugh. Jacob and Matt are no longer allowed to sit next to each other.

Pastor Caleb Hardy, who is a talented mediator and therefore sits between Jacob and Matt.

Pastors Brandon and Joy Berg were also on the shepherd team up until their recent move. The Bergs’ care and mentorship to each member was an exemplary model of Christ-like service.

As we move into 2019 our vision is to:

  1. Add 1-2 more shepherds to the team
  2. Continue to assist / support Pastoral Transition
  3. Increase visibility / connection with church
  4. Increase / improve communication with other teams.

We genuinely appreciate your prayers as we move into an exciting year of transition and leadership development. It is the heart of each member of our team to pour into the health of the Rhapsody community.

Jacob Camargo

Financial Report

Naomi Camargo, Jordan Wirkkala, Cathy Snyder,

Mark Dahl, Pastor Brandon

Balance Sheet
Fiscal Year Ending Dec. 31, 2018
Current Assets  
General savings$16,095.72 
Other savings$10,147.48 
Total Current Assets $32,881.05
Fixed Assets  
Fixed Assets$20,000.66 
Total Fixed Assets $20,000.66
Total Liabilities and Equity $52,881.71
Income and Expense Report
Fiscal Year Ending Dec. 31, 2018
    General Income$242,861.29 
    Designated Income$32,616.78 
    Grant Income$20,000.00 
    Sales of assets$1,800.00 
Total Income $297,278.07
    Staff                                       $106,275.88 
    Ministry Expansion$76,681.28 
    Total Facilities$56,802.03 
 Total Expenses            $268,750.21
Balance $28,527.86
      To Savings $12,800.32